Marketplace Pressures Boost the Insourcing Features at StanVentures

​​StanVentures, a top insourcing company with multiple international offices, offers a suite of services that make it practical for CEOs and entrepreneurs to take command of global marketing and expansion through strategic insourcing. Executives from around the world are looking more critically at outsourcing services and finding them inadequate to the task of generating better customer experiences. Outsourcing has become less attractive when businesses can save money on infrastructure and get the same labor-cost advantages and advanced technical skills that India's labor force offers while maintaining complete control of the process through an insourcing company like StanVentures.

Benefits of Insourcing

StanVentures provides the infrastructure, systems, skills and human resources to establish a subsidiary company quickly and inexpensively when compared to other expansion solutions.

Owen, Marketing Head

Although many experts consider insourcing to be the process of moving manufacturing and office facilities back to their original countries, in today's global market, it makes more sense to open subsidiaries where companies do business. StanVentures provides the infrastructure, systems, skills and human resources to establish a subsidiary company quickly and inexpensively when compared to other expansion solutions. The Indian workforce has advanced to the point where it offers some of the most skilled engineers and project managers in the world. Young, analytical, ethical, skilled and loyal, Indian labor provides the insourcing fulcrum to leverage your marketing goals. The benefits of insourcing while using StanVentures' resources and labor pool include:

  • Get better work quality than outsourcing.
  • Control manufacturing, marketing and management processes end-to-end.
  • Reduce security and confidentiality risks.
  • Avoid hidden costs associated with outsourcing.
  • Set production and customer service standards.
  • Prevent dependence on another company for financial well-being.
  • Take advantage of cost savings at StanVentures for setting up business, hiring staff and troubleshooting business issues.
  • Hire skilled talent as needed.
  • Rent an office with prearranged infrastructure that includes furnishings, basic office staff, local business address and utilities.
  • Face-to-face interaction with employees includes monitoring a subsidiary’s performance with CCTV cameras.

360-Degree Solutions for Establishing Subsidiaries

An insourcing company offers full-service solutions in general, and StanVentures provides 360-degree solutions to get a subsidiary company up and running at record speeds and economies of scale. Entrepreneurs and CEOs control every aspect of their operations from their home offices while enjoying all the cost advantages of cheaper Indian labor and greater worker loyalty and skills that rank among the most advanced in the world. Companies can eliminate the problems of outsourcing while enjoying the long-term advantages of insourcing in India: complete control of supply chains and production, lower manufacturing costs, better customer service and fewer regulatory restrictions.

About StanVentures

Founded in 2008. StanVentures leads the next generation of skilled entrepreneurs in India who understand the expanded roles that young people must play in business development. The team studied how businesses operated in their country through outsourcing, and the savvy organizers quickly understood that the trend of insourcing would soon cause retrenchments in traditional outsourcing. Hundreds of Indian companies are competing to land outsourcing business or compete directly with North American, European and Australian companies. Offering businesses an easier way to establish a subsidiary company through insourcing, StanVentures offers the advantages of the skilled and loyal labor force in India and its cost-value advantages for overhead expenses.


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